Being Grateful!

I’ve spent pretty much all my life taking care of the people I care about. Family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. I’ve worried with them when they have gone through tough times, I’ve cried with them, I’ve laughed with them. Basically I’ve always tried to be there for everyone. Then one day you go to the emergency room at your local hospital thinking you must have a pinched nerve or something that’s causing your arm to twitch (or at least that’s what you call it). Next thing you know you’re being admitted and the ER doctor is telling you that they need to run some tests, starting by a scan of your brain. After the scan you find yourself waiting in one of those little partitioned rooms, you know the type that are divided by curtains. Forty minutes later some nurses come in with an IV and some meds telling you the doctor will come in shortly to talk to you but they need to administer some meds asap.

Everything from that point on seems to happen in slow motion. The doctor coming up to you and telling you that they found a mass on the left side of your brain. What you thought were twitches are actually localized seizures and from that point forward your whole world changes. They give you meds to stop bleeding and minimize the swelling. You have to have an MRI and the neurosurgeon comes in and explains that the mass has to be taken out. They’re hopeful that it’s benign but they won’t know for sure until it’s removed and sent to pathology. You spend a sleepless night in the hospital and the next day they confirm your surgery date and you feel like your watching a movie on television and it’s really not my life.

Yet after all this I’m still grateful. Grateful that my chiropractor told me to head to the ER just to be on the safe side. Grateful that my tumor can be taken out. Grateful to have the chance to finds ways to live my dream and travel.

I am grateful for life, for love, for laughter, for family and friends.

© 2018

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