I’m so grateful for so many things. First of all for having a great chiropractor that was concerned about my health and urged me to get to the ER to check out my symptoms. If I hadn’t followed his advise I wouldn’t know that I have a tumor on the left side of my brain that’s affecting the right side of my body.

No worries though because I have a great team of specialist that will be taking that sucker out asap and then hopefully with your help I will be able to live my dream of traveling to some wonderful places. I want to take photos, notes and hopefully recipes to create my very own travel books.

Now you might be thinking that’s kind of big dreams for a simple and very ordinary woman. You’re probably right but I believe in positive thinking and dreaming big and I’m willing to put in the work to achieve my big dreams.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and if you want something in return I’m ready to offer you a multitude of choices, (if you need something specific like you want me to write a blogpost about your website/company and promote it send me a note) like some of the following:

  • I’ll create handmade cards for you for any occasion or for no special occasion but just to cheer someone up
  • I’ll create motivational cards and prints for you
  • I’ll send you a print of my art or photographs
  • I’ll sell you an original painting to raise money
  • I’ll wear your t-shirt around south florida for a donation
  • I’ll create a graphic for your blog or website
  • I’ll sew a drawstring backpack for you
  • I’ll create a piece of jewelry for you

My shop will be up soon but in the meantime if  you could space the cost of a cup of coffee please donate. If you wish I will post your info on my Cup of Coffee Page with a link to your blog/site.

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After having dedicated most of my life to raising my family I’m ready to make my dreams come true. I’m hopeful that you can assist by either donating, purchasing or sharing my info with your social media.

Thank  you so much for your time and I wish you a fabulous day my friend. Together we can achieve.

© 2018 imsograteful

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